When The #FlashbackFriday of Art Is You!

Flashback Friday says…”go for style!”

Isn’t it great when we can all agree on something important? This, my friends, is one of those things that makes Fridays great – agreement! And today’s commercial certainly aligns with agreeing on something. In this case, it is “go for style!”

You see, Flashback Friday (and Allison’s Written Words), aren’t the only ones saying to “go for style,” today’s commercial pitchman is saying the same, with his line of haircare products that focus on shaping and styling.

Also agreeable? That 1986 was a great year for haircare product commercials!

So that’s where we are at, and that’s the theme we’re running with.

Anyway, who is this master of “going for style?”

Why, it’s…Alberto!

And what helps women…well…you know?

His line of…oh, just watch the commercial and see for yourself!

Contour, curve, form, and FASHION!

Man, these 1980s haircare commercials went for the gusto with their descriptions…and dramatic names!

Alberto, from what I’ve gathered, still exists in the world of haircare products, but seems to only corner the hair structure/gel/mousse market, rather than the shampoo and conditioner crowd.

Or maybe Alberto says “wash your hair,” I just don’t recall any other Alberto commercials out there!

Unlike haircare products named for their famous creators (like Paul Mitchell, for example), Alberto is a swanky heavy-accented, tuxedo-clad spokesman for products geared toward women with short hair who need their flat top to be more flat, their bangs to have more oomph, and their short haircut to look more…1950s greaser-esque.

Vidal Sassoon circa 1986 emphasized “the art” of their products, and Alberto’s styling products proclaimed their products for “when the work of art is YOU!”

And sometimes, that “work of art” doesn’t need industrial-size fans blowing hair around, just industrial-strength haircare products to hold it in place.

Does it have the same effect as this?

Well, no…but hair is an art form unto itself. With or without fans.

Have a fantastic Flashback Friday, and a great weekend!

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