The Art of #ThrowbackThursday

Call it art! Call it style! It’s the look and feel you only get from Throwback Thursday!

Clean, sheen, PIZZAZZ! It’s the way of haircare products in the 1980s, and the commercials that feature them!

Today, we take a trip back to 1986, a time of hairstyles that make today’s strangest styles look tame by comparison, and the products that help make them possible.

This is The Art of Vidal Sassoon, and this is the commercial that peddles Vidal Sassoon’s wares!

Vidal Sassoon haircare products have been owned by Proctor and Gamble since 1984, and are still manufactured to this day.

Aside from moose, gels, hairspray, shampoon, and conditioner, the Vidal Sassoon line of products have included professional versions of their haircare products, as well as hair accessories – hairbands, hair clips, hot roller pins, travel cases, and even a travel case/wallet listed on Etsy.

Hair commercials in the 1980s were always so fascinating – it was the days of big curls, big overly-sprayed hair, and super straight bangs.

And don’t forget industrial fans blowing all of that hair around!

This was how companies let you know your hair could stand up to a hurricane.

Hair commercials have come a long way from showing women strutting around and having their hair blown around. These days, shampoo commercials are more natural and promote more relaxed hairstyles. The days of burning off the ozone layer definitely ended with this type of marketing, but man, were these commercials going for your hairspray-needing dollars!

That, my friends, is The Art of Vidal Sassoon.

Have a great Throwback Thursday!

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  1. There’s a YouTuber named suprb6970 who uploads ad breaks from the 80s, 90s, and 2000s which are mostly based in the DFW metroplex TV market. I recommend you check out his YouTube channel if you get the chance.

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