The Amazing New #ThrowbackThursday Storage System!

Because everything “As Seen On TV” is truly amazing, right?

We’re filing today’s commercial under “Things I Saw Advertised on Nickelodeon,” because I’m convinced that it was the only place you could see commercials for language learning systems, glow-in-the-dark wearable building blocks, and today’s product all in the same block of commercials.

In other words, all the weird things you never thought of purchasing or merely existing, found advertising space on a basic cable kiddie channel.

Today’s product of choice comes to us from 1987/1988, and advertises a revolutionary food and drink storage system that collapses to the size you need, has an airtight lid, creates more storage space for more containers, is dishwasher safe, and comes in several sizes.

Wow, what is this revolutionary product you ask?

Why, it’s Popeet!

Yes, Popeet!

It is quite a name, don’t you think?

Dishwasher safe, comes in several sizes, yet versatile and accordion-like?

Too cool!

Ordering a set meant getting twenty pieces of plastic accordion storage solution, which included the giant orange water bottle!

Popeet is a product of Amazing Containers of America, which was based in Verona, New Jersey. I did a search of the company, along with the city, and I wound up with a shipping container company website for Container Alliance. Nothing here indicates Popeet ever existed. Google, however, did give me a Reddit thread, and eBay gave me opportunities to buy Popeet containers, so Popeet isn’t entirely lost to the interwebs.

I’m pretty sure my brain managed to block out the existence of colorful accordion-like containers that can store stuff versatilely. Commercials like this were always advertised on basic cable, especially Nickelodeon, even when they weren’t targeted for that crowd. Children’s books, children’s records, and building blocks, sure, but storage containers? Stuff like that always seemed out of place among commercials for toys and cartoons.

But hey, if this model likes it, then it must be worth advertising on any network!

If you call the number, perhaps someone is standing by?

Just ask for incredible storage solutions that collapse like an accordion!

Have a great Throwback Thursdsay!


  1. Never! Or they would just give you double of whatever it was. As Dennis Miller used to say “two of crap is still crap”. Remember all of the free stuff they used to give you with your magazine subscriptions too? Sneaker phone, cameras, watches.

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  2. I remember these!!! I had completely forgotten about them, but I remember them after seeing your article and the commercial. The 80’s and 90’s $19.95 commercials were always the best! They always ended with the, if you call within the next 10 minutes you’ll get…. some extra nonsense.

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