Can’t Taste The #FlashbackFriday, Man!

There must be Flashback Friday in here, it says so in the title!

I promise, unlike the competitor’s products lacking a certain ingredient in today’s commercial, there actually is Flashback Friday in here.

And it couldn’t be any more 1980s, or parody, for that matter.

I’ve had this commercial in my collection for years, and I’ve failed as a nostalgia archivist/curator by not unleashing this one on an unsuspecting Throwback/Flashback-reading/viewing audience. This is also the second instance of a commercial’s actors directly parodying an 80s group. The first such instance was the kids singing about how Colgate gets all the sleepyheads out of bed (a take on the Madness song “Baggy Trousers”), the second is well – four guys inspired by Talking Heads singer David Byrne.

So, while we have no doubt there is Flashback Friday in here, there must be juice in here, it says so on the can!

But they’re in fact let down by the lack of juice in their carbonated drink.

What can give them the juice they crave in their carbonated beverage? Why, the product in today’s commercial!

Why yes, Orangina! A blend of orange and tangerine, with a chaser of carbonation! It’s the soft drink with juice one can taste!

The satisfaction of this drink is felt by David Byrne impersonators and those craving juice with their soft drink since the mid 1980s!

Orangina is an orange/tangerine-flavored drink, a juice/carbonated hybrid, manufactured since 1933. The drink constitutes carbonated water, 12% citrus juice (10% from concentrated orange, 2% from a combination of concentrated lemon, concentrated mandarin, and concentrated grapefruit juices), as well as 2% orange pulp, sugar, and other natural flavors. First created by Augustin Trigo Mirallès of Algeria, and sold to French businessman Léon Beton at a trade fair in Marseille in 1936, the drink is enjoyed in Europe, especially France and Switzerland. Japan and North Africa enjoy it was well, but its presence and impact in the United States is less when compared to its consumption elsewhere.

In the United States, Orangina has been owned by Keurig Dr Pepper (formerly Dr Pepper Snapple Group) since 2006. It was introduced in the United States in 1978, and manufactured by Cadbury Schweppes. Originally called Orelia here, the name was changed to the original name, Orangina, in 1985. Product for United States/North American consumption is manufactured in Canada, but had been manufactured for a time in Hialeah, Florida.

As for the “downtrodden over lack of juice” guys, this commercial parodies Talking Heads singer David Byrne…a little too well. The dress, the mannerisms, the tone, the song…did he have input in this? It’s really that accurate!

How did I get here, you ask? I shook up a bottle of Orangina, and found “the juice!”

All they had to do was shake it…all 12% of it!

That’s even worse than the time Kool Aid boasted 20% juicetwice!

Have a fantastic Flashback Friday, and a great weekend!

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