Is Everyone Ready for a #FlashbackFriday Celebration?

How do you feel about a New Years Celebration? Does that do anything for you?

Happy New Year!

WE MADE IT!!!!!!! It may have involved everyone rushing for the “Exit 2020” door at the same time, but we’ve gotten through 2020.

So…are you ready for a New Year’s Celebration?

Yes, yes you are!

McDonald’s in 1988 was! Heck, if we went to McDonalds at the end of 1988 (beginning on December 23rd), the first 15 days of January 1989 promised to be good to us…in McDonalds food, as well as savings on said food!

Here’s the Overly Enthusiastic, No Way She Works for McDonalds Spokesperson to explain!

So certificates that promise a dollar off each day for fifteen days? And only for a predetermined pair of menu items?

Sounds like the start of a documentary about McDonalds food as the only thing on one’s personal menu.

McDonalds Savings Certificates (not to be confused with gift certificates) were given out at McDonalds while supplies lasted, beginning on December 23, 1988, and allowed customers to save money on the predetermined menu item of a double cheeseburger and medium french fries, beginning on January 1, 1989, and running for fifteen days that month.

This type of program actually was common for McDonalds, running during different holidays during the year, but usually had a bigger selection – Sundae, different sizes fries, and oh yes, a different sandwich.

I love how these coupons lure you in with the excitement of savings, as long as you want to go to McDonalds fifteen days in a row to save one dollar on the same menu item each day. But I appreciate their effort, this commercial really does drum up some excitement!

McDonalds: Luring you in to the New Year with the promise of great deals and French Fries since…way too long.

Have a fantastic Flashback Friday, and a great weekend! Happy New Year!

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