They Just Love That #FlashbackFriday Feeling, Don’t They?

Yes, they (and we) do!

Five years ago, when I did my “25 Days of Christmas, 25 Days of Christmas Commercials” picks, I had introduced the blog to “The Slipper Expert,” a Cocker Spaniel who knew the perfect gift in 1988 – Isotoner Slippers!

Heck, even her ears knew the perfect holiday gift.

Today, we move on to 1989, and the expert – several years and running! – is still “The Slipper Expert,” still bringing four-way stretch – and comfort to tired feet – of women and girls everywhere!

Without a doubt!

And this year, she’s helping out someone really important!

And hey, look, a plush Slipper Expert as a free gift!

Isotoner (part of totes ISOTONER after a 1997 merger of the two companies), manufactures slippers and gloves, and developed the first stretchable nylon/elastane glove with leather coverings. The name “Isotoner” came from “isometrics” and “toning.” The company still exists alongside totes, providing umbrellas, cold weather accessories, gloves, and yes, slippers to this day. And not just the Ballerina Slipper, but also booties, hoodback, boot, clog, and moccasins.

There isn’t much information on “The Slipper Expert” commercials. It appears “Lady,” who was the “Slipper Expert,” made appearances between 1987 and 1989, and was available as a plush toy dating back to at least 1985 (based on the listings I found on eBay). The plush “Slipper Expert” was manufactured by Prestige Toy Corp., and she was a cutie!

1987 Version. Image: eBay

Sadly, “Lady” doesn’t seem to have gone past the 1980s. While she was an expert at picking out the perfect slippers, she apparently wasn’t good enough to survive the 1980s.

But hey, she did a great job while she was around, and a week before Christmas, we need all the help we can get.

Have a fantastic Flashback Friday, and a great weekend!

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