Every Kiss Begins With #FlashbackFriday

…and every end to the week begins with commercials!

As it should.

For the next two weeks, I have Christmas commercials picked out, but I figured one more block of commercials would be fun before we really get closer to the holiday.

Today’s commercial block comes from my own collection this time (many thanks to my friend Ashley for her contributions to this blog!), and was recorded from NBC station WNBC 4 (New York City) on December 20, 2003, during a Saturday Night Live compilation special, “The Best of Will Ferrell Volume 2.” Obviously, the first one wasn’t enough, and this one had some good moments on it.

Included in this commercial block:

Razors that self clean, the use of “thriller” and “holidays” in the same review, Scarface as the perfect Christmas present, the second night of Hanukkah, give her DIAMONDS for Christmas (!), a time before Funko Pops were the hot collectors item, the worst Christmas caroller ever, and…The Donald.

There’s promos, movie previews, cell phones, cars, and lots of razors (not just the one in the picture collage). Apparently, that was a hot gift for 2003, aside from DVD copies of Scarface and diamonds.

Anyway, enjoy the commercials, and be reminded of how much you need to shave!

And, if you’re wondering whether the next episode of Saturday Night Live is worth watching…

I don’t remember if this was a good episode. Considering the time period it aired, it probably was good.

But we know one thing – the commercials in 2003 feel perfectly nostalgic.

Christmas continues on Allison’s Written Words, as we work our way towards the day!

Have a fantastic Friday, and enjoy the weekend!

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