#FlashbackFriday! That’s Our FAVORITE!

…until it comes to life and terrorizes you!

Wait, what?

That will NEVER happen!

Come to life and terrorize you. That’s hilarious! Why would I allow…

Oh dear.

Yeah, that’s pretty terrifying.

And thankfully, this abomination is not the official mascot of Flashback Friday, but instead the official mascot of the “fake product placement within the real product placement” in today’s commercial from 1998.

Spot the real product in this commercial!

You may never look at anything associated with Sprite without hearing that serial killer laugh again.

Sprite…haunting you with the fear of drinking anything other than their clear soda since 1998!

Sprite’s lemon-lime clear soda was first developed in West Germany in 1959 as “Fanta Zitrone” (Clear Lemon Fanta), and made its way to the United States by 1961, putting it in direct competition with 7Up.

In addition to lemon-lime, Sprite has seen other variations over the years – Cranberry, Remix Tropical, BerryClear, Aruba Jam, 6 Mix (Cherry and Orange), Blast, Tropical, Cherry (now a permanent flavor offering), MIX By Sprite: Tropical Berry (McDonald’s Exclusive), as well as many international special editions.

In Walt Disney World, at Disney’s Hollywood Studios’ Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge themed land, Sprite is sold in thermal detonator-shaped bottles (along with Coca-Cola and Diet Coke). The bottles were originally seen as “replica hand grenades.” This has since changed, but when my husband and I visited Disney World in October 2019, we drove, so we were able to bring back four bottles – two Coke and two Sprite (as well as a Star Wars-themed Dasani bottle), and gave two of them to our friends.

“Obey Your Thirst” became Sprite’s official slogan in the mid-1990s, with advertising having a Hip Hop edge, and featuring established and up-and-coming Hip Hop artists and music in their commercials. The “Sun Fizz” commercial completely moved away from that theming altogether.

I remember seeing this commercial on television alot more than I would have liked in 1998. Since it doesn’t actually say it is for Sprite until then absolute end, you’re totally tricked (and annoyed at the over-the-top enthusiasm!) at first. And then it takes a turn in the terrifying direction!


I laughed ridiculously hard at the mom tripping in this commercial. And that bad CGI sun? His laugh is totally not full of nature’s goodness.

Something tells me this family – if they survived Sun Fizz – will “trust their gut, not some cartoon character,” and only drink Sprite.

Like I said, you may never look at anything associated with Sprite without hearing that serial killer laugh again.

Have a fantastic Flashback Friday, and a great weekend!

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