#FlashbackFriday is Chocolate Fun!

And any kind of fun – especially the chocolate kind – is more than necessary on Friday.

It’s mandatory.

I’ll be honest – I chose today’s commercial not because of the product, but how it was promoted. Specifically, how 1980s it was promoted. So let’s put on our very nostalgic hats for this Friday, and go back to 1985 to dance for our candy!

The Hershey themed clothing, the dance moves, the chocolate candy bar front and center through it all. This is one of many reasons the 1980s are so magical and special.

And so incredibly dated, but we’re not going to be downers about it, we’re going to celebrate it!

So put on your dance sneakers grab those wrapped Hershey bars, and sport that finest Hershey gear, we’re going to…school?

Try not to think too much about it. Just watch it.

No need to prove anything to me, this product sells itself!

At the time of this commercial, the Hershey Bar had been “The Great American Chocolate Bar” for 85 years, beginning with its introduction in 1900. The flagship product for The Hershey Company, the Hershey Bar comes in several versions – original/plain, almonds, special dark, Mr. Goodbar, Cookies ‘n Cream, Symphony, and Krackel. There have also been limited edition versions available over the years: Double Chocolate, Nut Lovers, Twosomes Reese’s Pieces, Cookies ‘N’ Chocolate, Cookies ‘N’ Mint, Strawberries ‘n’ Creme, Raspberries ‘n’ Creme, Twosomes Heath, and Twosomes Whoppers.

I’d venture to say that everyone has a favorite, and clearly, the original is the favorite of this dancin’ group! As a hip hop dancer (and nostalgic person), stuff like this always gets my attention. No matter what hat I’m wearing, a product will always endear to me when it is presented nostalgically, or in dance form.

I’m serious – do a jete’ with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and I’m a captive audience.

There’s seriously no wrong way to eat a Reese’s, right?

Absolutely not!

As for those clothes, I’m pretty sure you could find those sweet shirts (no pun intended) at any gift shop in Hershey, Pennsylvania’s Hershey Park in 1985. I visited Hershey Park in 1986, and again in 2013. I don’t remember the original trip, but I obviously remember the visit in 2013. That whole place smelled like chocolate (which is great if you like that, I certainly do), and their candy – oooh, their chocolate bars – taste better than anything I’ve ever gotten in the grocery store. I’m sure this is complete bull, but I swear, the candy bars sold in the park are thicker and the chocolate is just incredible there. When I went a few years back, I brought a Cookies ‘N Cream (as I said, my favorite) bar for the ride home from the park. I should have gotten two (one for at home, of course!) – it was incredible! I did buy Hershey Kiss jarred candles during my trip (believe me, I would have gone broke with the amount of stuff I wanted to bring home!), and those were incredible too.

Last year, during my honeymoon in Las Vegas, I wandered around New York New York, and stumbled on a huge Hershey store, which of course I had to look around in while my husband was playing a machine. It was like being back in Hershey Park again, and I could honestly kick myself for not buying something – anything! – from there.

In hindsight, I wonder if the candy tastes as amazing as it does from Hershey Park.

Chocolate fun indeed!

Have a fantastic Flashback Friday, and a great weekend!

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