#ThrowbackThursday Just Re-Invented The Wheel!

Because it clearly needed to, right?

By re-inventing, they didn’t change the shape, they just made “the wheel” cooler and kid-friendly.

What did you think I meant?

The year is 1988, and Fisher-Price introduced the newest thing in roller skates…

Yellow and blue skates with red wheels?

Well, that, but also, skates that adjust to grow with your kids and their mad skating skills!

Whether you’re “a pro” like Sam, or a beginner like Sherry!

Click play, and watch these skating kids have fun!

“1-2-3 Grow with Me” Roller Skates were introduced in the 1980s (this commercial is from 1988), and are still around today, in different colors and styles. However, in the earliest days, they were the ones in this commercial. They boasted adjustable sizes for growing feet, a switch for expertise level, and had Velcro straps – no laces!

I had these roller skates when I was five, and I will be perfectly honest, I had no idea they had a switch to adjust for ability. I was very uncoordinated in skates, including this “training bra” of the roller skate world. I figured I was the worst skater, but I just looked at a Reddit thread about these, and apparently, they were just a completely crap product.

Image: Amazon

Maybe they’ve had improvements since Sam and Sherry (and Allison and all the other little kids in the late 1980s) had them, but for me, they were THE WORST. I liked skating parties, and I liked trying to skate, but I was terrible at it. Knowing my roster of impressive ankle injuries (and how they happened), I wouldn’t even attempt skating these days.

Perhaps skates that scream “GROW WITH ME!” as their name should have been a hint that I was never going to be able to properly roller skate….because while they did grow with you, but they didn’t really work at any size or ability.

Not that they aren’t totally cute, or that this mom is just totally happy with the idea of these amazing roller skates, but they may be better now. I have no idea.

I’m just left with the whole “did anyone try to adjust that one switch” mystery.

…but you’ll always be clumsy on roller skates.

Somehow this appropriate screenshot captures that belief.

Have a great Throwback Thursday!

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