It’s Enough #FlashbackFriday To Make Any Family Meal Into A Party! Party!

Break out the Conga Line!

It’s Flashback Friday, and getting a great deal at Little Caesars is enough to make dinner into a party!

Memories of today’s commercial came about a few nights ago, when I was putting the finishing touches on Throwback Thursday’s article, which featured Origami Pterodactyls made from pizza boxes, chain pizza that even with two pizzas, is still cheaper than local pizza, and the commercials that promote chain pizza.

As I said yesterday, I prefer local pizza to chain pizza, but when it comes to advertising (at least, in the nostalgic sense), chain pizza commercials never fail to amuse me.  Little Caesars has always had funny advertising, but Origami Pterodactyls are nothing compared to today’s commercial.

We fast forward a few years to 1994, and a commercial that pretty much dominated my summer between fifth and sixth grades. I saw this commercial alot, and I always laughed.  I didn’t care what it advertised, it was just so funny.

Little Caesars promoted their 2 pizzas/2 Crazy Bread/2 Coca Colas for $7.98 as not just an ordinary family dinner, but the kind of deal that incites a Party! Party!

And what do you do at your family dinner turned party?


I mean, it isn’t what we do in our family, but who am I to judge?

I was eleven the first time I saw this, and the lasting effect of this commercial had nothing to do with the old guy, or the kid crashing into the woman’s backside, but these two Conga line participants…


For me, the biggest laugh came when these two danced on by…


The dog though.


I mean, I know dogs like pizza crust and all (my dearly departed fur angel Daisy loved pizza crust!), but can they Conga?  Apparently this Poodle can!

My brother and I used to laugh at this commercial, and I remember my maternal grandmother laughing over the old guy and the little kid who crashes into him.  There is just so much in this commercial to love, and the best part about it is how it doesn’t need to say anything, it speaks volumes with what it shows us.

Dancing dogs and old people. That’s what it shows us.


Easy to please in 1994, easy to please in 2020.

Can you say the same?

Have a fantastic Flashback Friday, and a great weekend!

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