Don’t Think of it as One #ThrowbackThursday…

…think of it as a Throwback Thursday…and food!

Honestly, isn’t that the greatest sales pitch of all time?

Ah, chain pizza.  Manufactured glory sold in restaurants all over the country, and world.  Given the choice between chain pizza (you know, the fugazi kind) and local pizza shop, I prefer the local kind.  That’s despite the run-in with food poisoning I got from a local restaurant.  It wasn’t because of pizza, but I’ve flat out refused to eat that place’s anything.

As a kid, I liked Pizza Hut, but it probably had plenty to do with the Book It program.  That was my earliest – and only – exposure to chain pizza as a kid.  I admittedly didn’t try Domino’s until I was an adult (I like it just fine, but I really prefer local family-owned shop pizza), and as for today’s pizza, I think I ate it once inside of Kmart in the early 1990s.

Today’s commercial comes to us from 1988, and praises the glory of chain pizza special offers. In this chain’s case, it is a two-for-one deal, which clearly, the local pizza store depicted in this commercial couldn’t rival.

From employees who push a deal as a pizza that comes with a box…

…to fun things you can do with said box…

…this commercial makes it clear that you would rather eat chain pizza.

From Little Caesars.

I’m actually more impressed with the creation of a pterodactyl from a pizza box that the local guy.  I don’t need two pizzas, I like ART!

Little Caesars has been declaring “Pizza!  Pizza!” since 1979, but the chain’s first restaurant opened in Garden City, Michigan in 1959. The company currently operates stores in the United States and internationally, with 5463 stores as of 2017.


The “Little Caesar” mascot received a facelift in 2017 to coincide with the opening of Little Caesars Arena in Detroit – updating his wreath, removing his chest hair, and and placing hidden “LC” on his toga.  This guy had been featured in commercials since the early 1980s.


I couldn’t tell you anything about the taste of Little Caesars’ pizza, but I do remember there being a chocolate ravioli dessert – Ravioli! Ravioli!

Image: Twitter

I’m sure I loved this at the time, being a kid, but I’m wondering how this would taste now.  It looks like it would be way too sweet, but that has never stopped me when it comes to chocolate.  I don’t even remember it being around that long, but there are recipes on Google to make re-create this glorious combination of white and milk chocolate!

As you can see, I’m not picky when it comes to dessert, especially chocolate.

My pizza, on the other hand, needs to be real stuff, not this manufactured stuff.  But I’ve always liked chain pizza advertisements, especially Little Caesars.

That’s something I’m not picky about.

Have a great Throwback Thursday!


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