#FlashbackFriday Mini Wheats

“The sweet stuff” on those Frosted Mini Wheats refers to commercials, of course!

You think it meant actual sugar?

I can’t believe I haven’t shared this block (or multiple blocks) of commercials before, but here we are.

Today’s block of commercials was taken from several airings of Home Improvement, from late April until mid-May of 1995 (approximately April 25, 1995 and May 9, 1995, based on promos for a few movies).  This was the first half of the content collected from a videocassette of Home Improvement episodes (with a Thunder Alley episode thrown in – it was a show that I don’t even remember, and supposedly it aired for two seasons), and the channel-changing, oh-so-random smattering of yesterday’s video.

Included in this video:

Another Matlock movie!


I like my money served on a silver platter too!


How giants play golf!


My grown ass prefers wheat, but my inner child kicked my ass and said “no, you like the frosting!”


The ex-boyfriend’s mom changed the channel during this recording.  I totally forgot about Shadetree Mechanic until 2008!


The talking M&M’s have come a loooong way!


Vacuum cleaners…IN SPACE!


That time TGIF was actually good…and 90s dance music was part of the advertising!


Did I mention Ed Asner starred on that short-lived TV show?  And no, it wasn’t about giant heads on cartoon bodies!


Four hours of my life I’ll never get back!


There’s promos, commercials, and a much shorter accidental channel clicking, all primed for your Flashback Friday viewing!


100% pure fun, wouldn’t you say?

Have a fantastic Flashback Friday, and enjoy your weekend!

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