So Much #FlashbackFriday In One Commercial…

…featuring a trendy Las Vegas show and the sixth generation of Pentium Processors!

I figured out in the last few years that the early 2000s still have the awesome vibe of the late 1990s, especially in commercials.  When I was initially hesitant to feature anything from the early 2000s, I realized how many gems actually exist from the earliest part of the decade.

Today’s commercial is one of them, if not only for the technology it promotes, but for the trendy-at-the-time “spokespersons” who promote the technology!


If they actually did speak.

Today’s commercial is from the fall of 2000, and promotes “the power of three” of Intel’s Pentium 3 Processor.  And those “spokespeople” are performance art company Blue Man Group, who at the time were performing in different shows around the United States, including Las Vegas.


Allow them to promote the “Power of Three” in this funny commercial, where they attempt to replicate the Intel tones!

The Power of Three, even in an unconventional way!

Intel’s Pentium 3 Processor was first introduced on February 26, 1999.  It was the sixth generation of Pentium Processors, and was succeeded by the Pentium 4 around the time this commercial aired (it came from a tape made in November 2000).   Even then, it was new computer models manufactured until early 2003, before finally being discontinued in desktop units in April 2003, and mobile units in May 2007.


As for Blue Man Group, they have been doing their own interpretation of performance art since 1987.  They have continuing shows in New York, Boston, Las Vegas, Orlando, and Berlin.  Music and art are part of their stage performance, which employs 7-9 “Blue Men” full time.


The group have been the spokespeople not only for the Pentium 3, but for Intel’s Pentium 4 (2000) and Centrino, a chipset under several different names, which was introduced in 2003.  The Pentium microprocessor has been around since 1993, and like the Blue Man Group, are still around today.

Which is exactly the right way to go out on a Flashback Friday, don’t you think?

Admit it, you can hear the Intel “dum-da-da-da-dum!” in this gif.

Have a fantastic Flashback Friday, and a great weekend!

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