#FlashbackFriday Unlimited

Now with limits!

The nonprofit commercial is not a new thing.  In the age of television, as long as organizations have needed help from the public to spread the word about what they do, or collection donations and gain members, there have been commercials to get that message across.

On a given day, I see the Shriner’s and St. Jude’s commercials on a regular basis, mostly because I watch alot of Antenna TV.  Want nostalgia? The cute kids from Shriner’s are going to tell you to help their hospital.

Today’s commercial, culled from 1001 Classic Commercials, is from either the 1960s or 1970s (probably the latter), and focuses on wetland and waterfowl conservation, through a group called Ducks Unlimited.

The commercial doesn’t solicit for donations by having adorable spokeschildren, but instead shows the beauty of the wetlands, and one member’s love of it while in his rowboat.  I mean, it asks you to attend a Ducks Unlimited fundraising event in your area, but that’s it.

No phone number, no address to write to, just…attend a local fundraising event.

Image: Wikipedia

Ducks Unlimited was established in 1937 by Joseph Knapp, and as of 2013, has a 700,000 members.  It is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee.  90% of its contributors, ironically enough, are hunters.  The methods of conserving habitats are restoring grassland, replanting forests, restoring watersheds, educating landowners, conservation easements, and acquiring land.

Ducks Unlimited’s publication has historical and practical articles that focus on waterfowl hunting, with advertising revenue collected from advertising for waterfowling equipment such as shotguns, ammunition, decoys, and bird calls.  Additional revenue is made by commissioning artists for duck artwork.  There is also a television show, Ducks Unlimited TV, which, like the magazine, highlights conservation and waterfowl hunting across the United States.  I’m still surprised by the hunting part of a nonprofit that works to conserve, but at least they do have a side that keeps things beautiful.


Have a fantastic Flashback Friday, and a great weekend!

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