My #FlashbackFriday Valentine…

Sweet, comic, Flashback Friday.

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Hope your figure isn’t less than Greek, and that your mouth isn’t a little weak. And don’t be smug, it is an unbecoming personality trait that certainly won’t win you any favors any day, let alone, Valentine’s Day!

Regardless of my relationship status, I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day.  I just like holidays in general.  As a kid (ok, teenager), I would watch boys in school giving girls the obligatory (read: typical) Valentine’s Day gift.  I wasn’t heartbroken that I didn’t get a gift, since I knew I would come home to one from my parents.  My mom always gave my brother and I nice gifts for Valentine’s Day, even in high school.  When I was single during my adult years, my mom still made sure to give me a nice Valentine’s Day gift.  Those “typical” gifts I laughed at as a teenager were so much nicer as an adult.  I laughed at boxes of chocolate at 16, but at 26, the Whitman’s Sampler I got from my mom was the stuff of happiness!

A few Valentine’s Days ago (2018, to be exact), my husband told me not to expect an engagement ring on Valentine’s Day.  I was a bit surprised he mentioned that, but I didn’t expect it.  I always figured it would happen, and at the moment I least expected the moment.

Guess who was completely oblivious on February 17, 2018 when they actually got engaged?

For me, Valentine’s Day has always been special with my husband.  I know it was in previous relationships, but this guy got my heart and I get to keep him forever.  As he said in his speech at our wedding 8 months ago, he promised that if he met a girl who went to conventions and enjoyed them, that he was going to marry her.

And he did.

Maybe I should have taken what he told me a few days before Valentine’s Day 2018 as a hint that he was going to propose, but clearly, I’m oblivious.

Happy Valentine’s Day, James!


Anyway, commercials and Flashback Friday.  That’s what you’re here for!

Today’s commercials (well, there’s one Valentine’s Day commercial in the mix) come from the airing of two primetime specials on February 13, 1983 – My Smurfy Valentine (not sure if I can handle that nightmare) and A Special Valentine With The Family Circus (which I’ve seen – it’s cute).  The commercials themselves aren’t Valentine-y, but they still have all the nostalgic feels of the 1980s.

Besides, there’s toys advertised in a primetime commercial block!  What’s not to love!

Included in this block:


Screenshot (165)

Before Molly Ringwald, Barbie claimed to be Pretty in Pink – excuse me, Pink and Pretty!

Screenshot (167)

It only looks like a dirty joke!

Screenshot (168)

The only Valentine’s Day commercial in the bunch.  And wouldn’t you know it, it’s for Hallmark!

Screenshot (172)

When you care enough to send the very best…and you better only give Hallmark cards, because American Greetings means you’re cheap!

We’ve got Invisible Women…

Screenshot (176)

And the Valentine that never lets you down, chocolate chip cookies!

Screenshot (177)

There’s promos for movies, television shows, and plenty of McDonald’s commercials, because they always bought up ad space on children’s programs and specials.  Simpler times, you say?  My waistline would agree!

Special thanks to MicroJow for this commercial block.  If you’ve never been to this channel, their collection is plentiful and awesome!

Upload via MicroJow

I hope your Valentine’s Day is full of love and kindness.  May you always feel loved, today and everyday!

Have a fantastic Flashback Friday, and a great weekend!

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