This Is Going To Be the Kissing-est #ThrowbackThursday Ever!

Consider it The Throwback Thursday of Love.

Mostly because no one actually knows what the “Pompatus of Love” really is.

Except for Steve Miller – he knows what it means…

Screenshot (163)

You know what?  I don’t even think Steve Miller knows what it means.


It’s the day before Valentine’s Day, and the Month of Love on Allison’s Written Words would be remiss if it lacked Valentine’s Day commercials.  We’re going way back today (I think in the 1960s), with a commercial from 1001 Classic Commercials.  Today’s commercial brags about how Valentine’s Day that year is going to be all about this…

…and all because of a certain advertised product giving out free samples!

First introduced in 1966, Scope has made kissing possible for many.  It has been marketed as tasting better than its rival, Listerine, as well as its non-medicine taste.

This commercial, which features a collective of kissy people of the 1960s, talks of a free sample of Scope given to millions of people for Valentine’s Day.  Obviously, Procter and Gamble wanted the people who got samples of it to keep using Scope, because, as they say, who says the kissing stops after Valentine’s Day?


I love the animation in this commercial – it’s so 1960s, complete with happy couples from all walks of 1960s life, including the couple that took the biggest walk of them all!

I use Listerine Mouthwash (the clear kind that is a little less harsh), and as great as it works, using it in the morning (and not other times during the day) doesn’t really “do it” for the entire day, as Scope says.  I’m wondering how long it lasted back then, but aside from the initial feeling of a clean mouth, I can’t imagine it working that long.

But hey, gotta sell that stuff on Valentine’s Day, right?

I mean, it has got to better than this Scope ad from 1988…

Upload via Internet Lurker

Never tell a woman that a bottle of Scope matches her eyes!

Again, it all comes back to selling the stuff for Valentine’s Day, but I think the 1960s got it right…


Ok, it tried.

Our Commercials of Love continue tomorrow on Allison’s Written Words, with another Valentine’s Day commercial from the archives!

Have a great Throwback Thursday!



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