Writing Prompt – “Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man”

I was tagged in a prompt by Normal Happenings, who linked to my latest post on Allison’s Written Words, about the Tandy Sensation(!).

Thank you for the tag, Normal Happenings.  I see your writing prompt, and I accept your challenge.

Their prompt:

Imagine Spider-Man existed in a world free of crime and evil. What would Spider-Man or your favorite superhero do to be a hero?

You would think that superheroes in a world free of crime and evil, would be quite bored.  But in reality, a superhero could be a mentor – a teacher-type who works with young people to remind them of a world with crime and evil, work with their neighbors to keep neighborhoods safe and inhabitable, and patrol their respective places to prevent and protect.  Superheroes could facilitate training programs and help the youngest future superheroes realize their dreams, blanket capes and all. 🙂

By the way, my favorite superheroes are Carol “Captain Marvel” Danvers and Thor.




(Top to Bottom) Me in Las Vegas at Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N., Treasure Island June 18, 2019, showing off my superhero prowess. (All Photos: Author’s personal collection)

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