#FlashbackFriday Removes 300% More Plaque

Well, that’s actually a bogus claim.  Flashback Friday can do alot of things, but dental care is not one of them!

Nope, at Allison’s Written Words, we can’t promise perfect dental checkups or products that can make them happen, but we can show commercials about products and services that can!

Yesterday, kids in 1985 were singing about the glory of the Colgate Pump and the toothpaste with the minty gel contained within, all to the tune of the Madness song “Baggy Trousers.”


Little Uncle Sam also promised that YOU CAN TELL it is minty!

It was all fun.

Now, after you’ve brushed your teeth awesomely, you need something to supplement that good job, because dentists warn that the #1 problem with teeth isn’t cavities or tartar, it’s what today’s product targets!

So, brush brush brush, and then click play to see what product dentists recommend!

I remember the red version of Plax, and not because it tasted good (I can’t remember the taste, but it certainly wasn’t minty fresh!).


It had this portion control thing in the neck of the bottle.  You squeezed the bottle to fill that, and that was how much mouthwash we needed to put in the cup.


Plax was used prior to brushing teeth to loosen plaque, and boasted its ability remove 300% more plaque than brushing on its own.


Plax is still manufactured today, coincidentally by yesterday’s product’s company, Colgate.  The product is still intended as a pre-brushing formula, and yes, they still make that weird red flavor.

What is that flavor?  Is it anything like yellow Listerine?  I’d like to know!

Such mysteries on this Flashback Friday!

Good dental health, a fantastic Flashback Friday, and a great weekend to you!


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