Turning #FlashbackFriday Into Practice

Case in point: How about another smattering of the pause for the old cause for your Flashback Friday?

Yesterday, we watched commercials from September 1999, the late summer/early fall of Ross and Rachel being shocked over a wedding, Ashley Judd plotting to kill her husband knowing she can’t be convicted twice, cars of 2000 hitting the car-buying market, and everyone having a website, even Mother Nature.  Yours truly was just starting eleventh grade in September 1999 as well.

And just like everyone and everything had a website in the late 1990s, today’s commercials come from the October 2, 2002’s airing of the short-lived talk show The Wayne Brady Show, as well as the last few moments of Live with Regis and Kelly before that.  Did it seem like everyone who was relevant have a talk show in the late 1990s and 2000s?


Yeah, Wayne had one.  I watched it when I was able to, but mostly it was when I taped it for someone I wanted to see.  That particular day, Scott Bakula was on.  Oh, and I resorted to taping the episode because I was a sophomore in college in October 2002.  That’s three year’s time for ya!

Also of note, the commercial block is incomplete – I recorded over the rest of the episode after Wayne Brady was done interviewing Scott Bakula.  I’m assuming I didn’t care what happened after that.

Featured in today’s commercial block…

James Earl Jones for Verizon’s Veriations All Plan, aka “The OG Triple Play.”


Gorgeously balmy early October temperatures!


That time eBay felt like a treasure trove of weirdness…today at 5!


Mattress deals!


Martha Stewart in trouble….today at 5!


That carpet company jingle you’ve never gotten out of your head!


For some reason, we ALL loved this in 2002!


And lottery tickets!


We’ve got commercials for products you may have used in 2002, promos, and lots of early 2000s goodness.  Funny enough, in yesterday’s block, Bell Atlantic was still a thing, but in today’s block, it was Verizon Wireless.  You wouldn’t think there was a huge difference in time between 1999 and 2002, but there was!

Go on, click play and let the awesomeness of 2002 nostalgia find its way to your soul!

And there you have it, a nice transition to the weekend!

Have a fantastic Flashback Friday, and a great weekend!

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