#MusicMonday -August 19, 2019

Have you been thinking nothing ever changes, and you could be making a difference tonight?

Let Music Monday change how you feel about everything!

In 1984, Earth Wind and Fire took a hiatus upon founder/vocalist Maurice White’s suggestion.  When they reconvened the magic of their music in 1987, they came back with a sound that was still very EWF, but also very 80s R&B.  One of their songs, released as part of their Volume 2 Best Of compilation, was also the second of their catalog to be featured in a Caddyshack movie.  Whereas the first movie featured the very funky “Boogie Wonderland,” the second film, which was lesser in every way possible except its great soundtrack (seriously, it is a fantastic soundtrack!) that included today’s song.

Of course, it is the same soundtrack to featured Kenny Loggins’ success sequel song, “Nobody’s Fool,” so you only hope for the best.

“Turn on (The Beat Box)” is a 1988 single as featured on both the soundtrack for Caddyshack 2 as well as The Best of Earth Wind and Fire, Volume 2.  The single helped bring Earth Wind and Fire’s amazing sound to the R&B-fueled 1980s.  It was a sound that worked well for them, even if this single wasn’t exactly their most successful (hey, they were still staging a comeback, give them a break!!!!)

Hear for yourself, by clicking play!

“Turn on (The Beat Box)” reached #26 on the Billboard Hot Soul Singles, and was part of their resurgence, though I’m sure it went without saying they were perfectly capable of staging a comeback with their legendary sound alone.

Even their look was perfectly capable of moving into the late 1980s.

By Source, Fair use (Image Source: Wikipedia)

Though I will say, seeing Earth Wind and Fire without their African robes and Afros is an interesting experience.  I remember when I saw them in concert, I jokingly told my mom that I was mildly disappointed that EWF wasn’t wearing glittery robes and bell bottoms.

Ok, Verdine White wore them.


Someone had to keep up the tradition!

Caddyshack 2 was both a critical and commercial failure, but its soundtrack was the opposite.  I’m pretty sure it had something to do with songs like this.

Or the fact that Kenny Loggins returned to sing the (equally) catchy theme.

Have a great Monday, and enjoy the music!

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