#FlashbackFriday: Making Your Mouth A Cleaner Place

…which is vital not only on your wedding day, but always.

But especially on wedding day!

Once again, in the final moments before the wedding (which is tomorrow), I’m going to step aside and let the commercial speak for itself.

Yesterday, we looked at the sentimental side of wedding life with the traditional father-daughter dance, as seen through Kodak film.  Today, we look at how the all-important first kiss can be ruined instantly by “The Kiss of Death.”


Have no fear, that’s where these Ghostbuster/Hans and Franz wannabes come in!

The product they know works?


Seriously, that Hans and Franz clap at the end…pick a licensed character and stick with it!


So, as the wedding clock counts down, I’ll sign off for this week.  Tomorrow, new name, same Allison.

Have a fantastic Flashback Friday, and a great weekend!

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