The Little #FlashbackFriday

Because LCD games featuring baseball and football were clearly not enough, we need to move into that lucrative licensed character territory!

How about reliving the excitement of The Little Mermaid


…in the palm of your hands!


Now you can, with the LCD handheld merchandise tie-in for The Little Mermaid!


So much…is excitement the right word for it?

Judging by the young lady’s expression, it must be somewhat exciting, though I’m sure paying her to play it helps coax the appropriate facial expressions!

Anyway, click play, and relive all the excitement of the movie on something with the excitement of a digital watch that beeps and plays music!

Despite being released in 1989, The Little Mermaid proved even in the early 1990s to have staying power of epic proportions.  Before Beauty and the Beast found its way into my home video collection (in its clamshell case, of course) in 1992, The Little Mermaid was my thing.  I was seven years old when I saw it, and I watched it alot!  As for the soundtrack, I got that for Christmas, several months before I saw the movie.  I’ve always loved the music in the movie, as well as Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and The Lion King.  I collected those soundtracks on cassette (yes, cassette).  Since I had reached the “cool phase” (my famous “too old and too cool for everything” time, which I also refer to as “me being an a**hole”) by the time seventh grade started, I was so over Disney soundtracks and movies.  I loved Disney World, but I wanted nothing to do with the movies or the music.

Years later, I’m obviously much older, much wiser, and not above Disney music and movies…as long as they are the ones I grew up on.  While I didn’t have this handheld game (seriously, why didn’t I think to ask for it?), 36-year-old me knows that nine-year-old me would have LOVED it!


I squeed a little over this.  I’m not above admitting it.

The Little Mermaid’s legacy, 30 years strong, goes on and on.  She’s been “part of our world” longer than most of Ariel’s youngest fans have been alive, something that is not lost on this nostalgic thirtysomething.

The game may not have been around long, but if you’re feeling really nostalgic, people of the interwebs have one for you to buy (sometimes for double what it probably originally cost).

I’ll stick with the movie…and any 8 or 16-bit versions I can find.

Screenshot (335)

Guess what I found?!

I’ll leave off on that note.

Have a fantastic Flashback Friday, and a great weekend!

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