#ThrowbackThursday, Woo-ooh!

In honor of Disney’s release of the live-action version of Aladdin this week, I dug into my Disney VHS archives, and pulled out a few gems!

Today’s Throwback Thursday comes from the 1991 VHS print of DuckTales The Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp, which we got upon its original home video release when I was in second grade.  My brother and I were eight years old at the time, and had been into DuckTales for a few years – we didn’t see this in the movies.  This movie, released during the summer of 1990, took place between the third and forth seasons of the television show.

The movie was originally concepted as a five-part miniseries for the television show, but Disney really wanted to see if it could work as a feature film.  Animators from Disney’s animation studio in France, as well as Walt Disney Television Animation (under the banner of Disney MovieToons) worked on the film, the first theatrical feature film under the Television unit.

While successful in the sense that it made back its budget domestically, and critically reviewed to boot, the film didn’t stack up against bigger family films released during the summer of 1990.  It wasn’t enough to get a sequel, but the series did air another television season in 1990, before ending its four-season, 100 episode run in November 1990.  This film’s home video release marked the end of the series, which as I can remember (it’s been quite a few years) was a great series.

My fiancee and I briefly watched an episode of the new series during the summer of 2017 (during a preview weekend), and it really looked great.  The intentions for that series seem to keep the original audience in mind.  Plus, David Tennant as Scrooge McDuck is awesome!

(Yes, if you must know, he is my favorite Doctor from Doctor Who).

Anyway, today’s Throwback Thursday are the goodies from the beginning of the VHS tape.  Now, this is the 1991 print, but the warning screens are the pre-1992 versions.

Also included on this video…

Previews for the story of a boy raised by the animals…


…and the story of mice proving they are heroes (once again), this time trading the bayou for the Outback.


Fun fact, when I saw this in 1992, I had no idea it was the sequel to a different movie, but I remember liking this one alot as a kid.  I saw the original movie a few years later as a teenager (while babysitting) and thought it was cute.  But I’ve always preferred this one.

And now…


Not really, but I had to throw that in there.

Tomorrow, another set of VHS goodies from another Disney Home Video VHS acquired during my “collecting” years in the early 1990s.

Until then, have a great Throwback Thursday!

Featured Image Source: Wikipedia / The Walt Disney Company

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