Adventures on “The Oregon Trail”: Part 1

Introducing…a miniseries!  Five parts, five adventures down The Oregon Trail, five attempts to make it to Willamette Valley!

Thanks to the magic of nostalgic gaming by way of Classic Reload, I’ve discovered five different ways to make the legendary journey down the famous Oregon Trail, making our way from Independence, Missouri to Willamette Valley, Oregon.

In part one, I’m gathering up my group…


(Ken and Ron are my friends’ husbands, but since we could only have five people, I had to make some adjustments)…

Buying up my supplies…


…and hitting the trail between point A and point B!

Can we do it?

You’re just going to have to watch and find out!

Next time, I try my hand at the Apple (Mac) OS 7.x version.  Will Team Allison make it in this version?  Find out next time!

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