An Appeal To The Readers!

A moment of thanks, appreciation, and a request is contained within.

Read on!

First of all, I would like to thank everyone (for the millionth time!) for not only visiting Allison’s Written Words, but for reading the retrospectives I have been posting every Tuesday, AND engaging in conversation with me.  Your memories and stories in the comments (and on social media) have been fun. It has been lively and refreshing to hear your stories of dining, trends, and obsolete technology.  As we move forward though retail month (this month’s first entry covered the East Coast Target of the 1980s, Bradlees), I’m looking forward more of the same – readership and piqued interest.  And don’t forget healthy, exciting conversation!

And now, my appeal to you, THE READERS!!

Let's Chat!

I would love to hear from not only customers like you, but if you know former employees/people of knowledge at/of any of the defunct/dying a slow death businesses/products/trends featured in these/any future articles articles (or anything else you see on the site), please share with them! Send them this way, I would love to hear their stories from a bygone era of life.

That’s all.  Have a great rest of the day! 🙂

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