“I Wouldn’t Change My #FlashbackFriday For A Million Bucks!”

No bribery needed!

The scent of cleanliness is in the air.  Smell that disinfectant!

Wait, what?

From sprays that cover up the dreaded bathroom smell with potpourri, we move on to sprays that promise the elimination of odors…with the smell of country!

These people wouldn’t trade their country for anything…not even a million bucks!

What “country” are they referring to?  Well, click play and find out!

Ah yes, the promise of a fresh country scent…with the added power of disinfectant!

The active ingredient (the disinfectant) in Lysol is benzalkonium chloride (my spelling corrector tried to say that word was “pandemonium”), which has cleaning and antimicrobial applications.  In 1918, Lysol products were advertised as a countermeasure for influzena during the Spanish Flu pandemic.  It was even marketed as a feminine hygiene product.

Canadian print advertisement for Lysol Disinfectant…as a douche. I kid you not. (Photo Source: Wikipedia, Information Source: Smithsonian)

Yeah, the 1930s ladies and gentlemen, weren’t they awesome?

Sprays are still manufactured to this day, but in 2000, wipes were introduced to the market.

screenshot (115)

Country Scent was introduced in the early 1990s (this commercial was found on a 1992 tape, but is actually from 1991), and is still a Lysol scent to this day.  I’ve used the wipes in this scent when travelling, but I prefer the citrus scent.  I’ve found other scents available that smell even better.  I’m not a huge fan of the country scent, but hey, if it floats the boat of these folks…

Then that is fine.

Hey, the guy wouldn’t trade it in for a million bucks.  If it came down to wealth or a can of Lysol disinfectant spray, I’d make a trade.

screenshot (116)

She loves this country!

How does she feel about a million bucks?

Sprays that are little bit country, now available in itchy nose-inducing scents!

Isn’t Throwback/Flashback great?

Next week, we move away from scented room sprays and into a totally different area for Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday.  One of next week’s commercials has a catchphrase you just may remember.

If that’s not the most teasing and vague preview ever, I don’t know what is!

Have a fantastic Flashback Friday, and a great weekend!

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