#ThrowbackThursday Is A little Bit Country…

…and still a little bit country.

Check with Flashback Friday to see if they’re a little bit rock ‘n roll.

Thinking spring while dealing with the polar vortex of doom and despair?


My fiancee checked the temperature this morning before walking me outside so I could leave for work, and so our dogs could go to the bathroom.  According to our Echo Dot, Alexa informed us it is six degrees where we live.  Now, I understand in certain parts of the country, it is double negative digits with a windchill of double those degrees, but I live on the east coast, sandwiched between New England and the Mid-Atlantic states.  The last time it got this cold for us was about five years ago, so my hopes and dreams of a mild winter have been dashed.

Oh well, at least it is the last day of January.  Which just means we have about fifty days in February to compete with.

(Can you tell I hate January and February with a passion?  I’m still convinced it is the fifteenth week of January.)

Anyway, enough of that…

In order to think spring (or summer, since we don’t really get spring here either), it is important to engage in using fragrances that remind you of that wonderful weather we’re holding out hope for.

Or, if that fails to work, just crank up the heat in the home to 90 degrees.  That works too.

This week, we’re looking at fragrances that make the home smell lovely…or at least attempt to mask that smell in the bathroom.  Don’t worry, we won’t judge.

Today’s commercial (from 1988) is a little bit country, with the scent of flowers and potpourri!

Who could possibly harness such an amazing combination of scents and contain them in a spray can?

screenshot (100)

Oooh, my house smells WONDERFUL!!

Why click play and find out who could possibly harness the scent of being a little bit country!

Why yes, GLADE!

Glade (part of S.C. Johnson and Son, formerly S.C. Johnson Wax), has been making living spaces and cars smell nice since 1956, with its impressive line of candles, room sprays, scented oils, carpet powder (we use Arm and Hammer in our house, but these products really do work!), and even holiday-scented products.

Glade’s Potpourri Spray (available in Country Garden and Orchard Spice) began its life in the 1980s.  To date, Country Garden is still manufactured by Glade, but I don’t see Orchard Spice on their current product list.

Scents like this, and the ones that are still manufactured, provided the air isn’t too saturated with an unpleasant scent, are generally effective.

However, covering up an unpleasant scent generally just makes the room smell unpleasant, with a hint of whatever scent you’re using to combat it!

Because everyone knows poop with a side of Country Garden smells…is interesting the right word?

screenshot (109)

You say “ewww!”, I say greatest marketing slogan for SC Johnson (Wax) and Son EVER!

It’s a little bit country!

Don’t pretend you’re not amused by any of this!

Tomorrow, we’ll move away from country scents and the thought of it tinged with scents from the bathroom, and move toward another product promoting country scent in an aerosol can…with an added ingredient!

But does it cover up scents from the bathroom?

Find out tomorrow!

Have a great Throwback Thursday!

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