#ThrowbackThursday Can Spin You Into EXCITEMENT!

…and so can a souped up Big Wheel on steroids!

This week (and next!) are going to be fun.

I recently came across this most excellent compilation of 1980s Saturday Morning TV commercials – thirty minutes of toy, game, and cereal commercials (and a bit of an odd duck, but we like odd ducks around here!).  I remembered about 90% of the commercials because they aired in 1985 and beyond, but it was a well-balanced representation of the best of what Saturday Morning in the 1980s had to offer.  If you have Amazon Prime, I highly recommend checking out Awesome 80s Toy Commercials.  In fact, check out this Amazon search, and thank me later.

And now that I’ve given business to Amazon, the meat of today’s article!

We’re going back to 1984 for today’s commercial, which advertises the glory of the Big Wheel.  You know this method of playtime transportation – it was a tricycle, but with a giant front wheel, all that was between your butt and the ground was a heavy duty plastic seat, and it was awesome!

I personally never owned a Big Wheel (but I’ve played with them), but I did own a police motorcycle-type tricycle that was as cool as any Big Wheel.  and of course, I had the standard red tricycle as well.  So I was well-equipped in transportation modes until I got my first bike with training wheels at five years old.

This, however, puts all the Big Wheels and related toddler bikes to absolute shame.  It was the Sidewinder Cycle, Tonka made it, and it did what the others did not…

Hence, the name “Sidewinder.”


But don’t let carefully-crafted words and awesome GIPHY magic fill in what video can only do justice for, let the video do the job!

Click play and experience SIDEWINDER!

Sidewinder Cycle was manufactured by Tonka in 1984, but unfortunately, not much is available about it, or how long it was on the market.

I can tell you this, though: we lived in some interesting times.  I mean, no helmet!

Commercials about bikes and Big Wheels always featured child riders without helmets and safety pads.  The 1980s spawned the tough stuff of kids, but of course, this wasn’t exactly safe.  Admittedly, I rode my bike and tricycle without a helmet until I got my training wheels off.  Then, I needed a helmet.  I stopped riding bikes after sixth grade, and I’m sure it had to do with not wanting to wear a helmet.  I haven’t owned one (or ridden one) since, but I’d love to have a bike again.

Of course, if I wasn’t 5’4 1/2″ and (weight undisclosed), I’d want to ride a Big Wheel.

Specifically, I’d want to ride a SIDEWINDER!


Remember, your parents put it together!

And now that you’ve whipped yourself around on a Souped-Up Big Wheel, tomorrow we’re going to take the concept a step further: the licensed character Big Wheel!

Which one, you ask?  Find out tomorrow on Flashback Friday!

Until then, have a great Throwback Thursday!


“Try and catch me!”


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