How You #FlashbackFriday Is As Important As What You…Well, You Know…

And by “well, you know,” I mean what you do to celebrate Friday.

Of course that’s what I meant!

Aaaaaaaaaand, we made it!  It’s Friday!

Let’s celebrate the day by moving forward to 1990, for a theme of continued healthy eating!

To celebrate, we’re preparing an enviable display of delicious food!

You’ll be happy to know that this amazing display was made as naturally as possible free from the gross fats of life.  Specifically, it wasn’t prepared with butter…




Or oil!


So how was The Feast of Flashback Friday prepared without the use of these major staples of food preparation?

Why, click play and find out!

Why, of course!  Pam cooking spray!


Why would we use anything more?

I mean, seriously, look how much butter margarine, and oil you’re not using (thus, sparing yourself unnecessary fat) when you use Pam!


*Mind blown*

PAM cooking spray (PAM stands for Product of Arthur Meyerhoff), and has been manufactured since 1961.  It is marketed in various flavors such as butter, olive oil, lemon, and garlic, and also offers a version for grilling, and a version containing flour that is suitable for baking or dry cooking.

What else is it suitable for?

All the glorious food!

So when your food needs that oh-so-special touch…


Use this stuff.


Well, I hope with today (and yesterday’s) Throwback / Flashback commercials, I’ve convinced you that a healthier way of eating is not such a bad thing.  Of course, I ate my weight in Tater Tots last night, so I’ll have to watch my calories tonight.  But trust me, it was worth it.  Because Tater Tots.

Have a great Flashback Friday, and a fantastic weekend!

Mmm, Tater Tot Overdose.  Delicious.


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