#MusicMonday – September 17, 2018


Ok, so it’s not quite the 21st of September, but we’re close enough that technically, we can sing the praises of a song all about the 21st night of September.  Because it is a few days from now.

With September brings fall, cooler weather, falling leaves, dead leaves, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and inevitably, the beginning of winter.  I cherish the Indian Summer days we get while we have them.  I’d say we probably have a few warm days to come.  In fact, this week is supposed to be in the 80s so I’ll call it a victory.

But Earth Wind and Fire were more concerned with love in September, rather than what September brings weather-wise.  That’s a good way to be.  Because let’s face it, if I wrote a song about September, it wouldn’t be about love.  It would basically be me complaining about having to wear long sleeves.  Oh, and it wouldn’t be sung either.  Because I can’t sing, so it would actually be me speaking my way through it.

You really don’t want that song.

Earth Wind and Fire’s “September,” based on lyrics, is about love and happiness happening on the 21st night of September.  It’s a night that the singer would never forget.  It was recorded in September 1978, and released (strangely enough) on November 18, 1978, as part of Earth Wind and Fire’s Greatest Hits Volume 1 hits album, but recorded during sessions for their 1979 album I Am, which included my favorite EWF song “In the Stone.” “September” is my mom’s favorite EWF song.

“September” reached #8 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 1978-1979, and #1 on the Hot Soul Singles Chart.  At year end 1978, “September” reached 78.  In 1999, a remixed update of the song by English Dance Music group Phats and Small reached #25 on UK charts.  The song is also a popular chant in football games in the United Kingdom.

This song is still alive and well in Earth Wind and Fire’s set list at their concerts.  When touring with Chicago, they perform it as one big super group.

It’s pretty awesome.

Oh, and I almost forgot – they did a Christmas-themed version for their 2014 holiday album.  Because nothing says “Birth of Jesus” and “Merry Christmas” in 2014 quite like funk.

The good funk.  Not the stinky kind.

Now, let’s experience what you came here for…the music!

First up, the OG version, complete with the most 70s special effects ever!

And the 1999 version…

And that live version with Chicago!

Jason Scheff singing funk.  You never saw it coming!

And there you have it, a song about a month that starts off warm and summery, but (sometimes) becomes chilly and uncomfortable. But, in the eyes of Earth Wind and Fire, it becomes funky.

As it should!

Wherever you are on the 21st night of September, may it always be a great time!

Have a fantastic Music Monday, and enjoy the music! 🙂

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