Don’t Get #ThrowbackThursday…

Well, on second though, get Throwback Thursday.  Because it will make you…


A synonym for happiness…now in trash bag form…IN SPACE!

Huh what?!


The year: 1988.

The Mission: Garbage Day in Outer Space.

Even in the most perfect of worlds, a little trash shows up.  When we make waste, we need to dispose of it.  We don’t want just any garbage bag; we want the best.  We want GLAD!


And so do astronauts, as they clean up space, one errant golf ball and Giant Soviet Union Bolt at a time!

Don’t believe me?  Click play, and see for yourself!

The Space Program: Cleaning up the universe, one Glad Drawstring Bag at a time!

“Houston, we have trash pickup!”

I like this advertisement.  It struck me as interesting the first time I saw it eleven years ago, while going through an old tape my dad found in my grandparents’ house while he was cleaning it out.  I’m not sure what compelled him to take this tape, but I found it ten years later (I was alone that day, and I thought it would be fun to go through old videocassettes), and I’m grateful he brought it home.


The idea of astronauts finding leftover items (seriously, the Soviet Union item, that screams Cold War!) in the calm of space was just too cool.  Combine it with the most dramatic version of “Don’t get mad…” ever, and you have a simultaneously beautiful, entertaining, and informative commercial.  I say “informative” because it tells you what Glad is strong enough to hold.


With such a pretty and dramatic commercial for – of all things – garbage bags, it is hard to get mad.

I’d rather get Glad.

Although I think my fiancee got Hefty bags last time we needed trash bags, now that I think about it.

On that note, we’ve cleaned up this Throwback Thursday.  Tomorrow, we’ll clean up with the competitor’s trash bags.  Until we do, have a great Throwback Thursday!

Seriously, Soviet Union?!


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