#TotallyTrueFactsTuesday – August 28, 2018

This totally true fact is something that, as a Secretary, I’m ashamed I never noticed before last week!

I’ve been an Administrative Professional for the last twelve (and a half) years.  In all my years of experience (in two complete different fields – Hospitality and Non-Profit/Social Services), I only discovered something last week that surprised me about – of all things – office supplies.

Specifically, a ream of paper.

Now, a pack of paper comes 500 sheets to a ream.  I buy special colorful copy/multi-purpose paper for a mailing.  This one very specific page is supposed to stand out from the rest of the mailing.  I was making 500 copies of said mailing, so I popped colorful copy paper into the copier and set it to 500.  When I came back at the end of the print job, I opened the drawer to check the regular paper level, and spotted four sheets of the colorful copy paper.  So, this was a ream of 500.  I put the whole ream in the copier.

Apparently, these paper companies don’t advertise giving consumers four extra sheets of paper for the price of 500.

I’ve never checked this with white copy paper (never suspected this, nor had a reason to check/discover it), but I was pleasantly surprised to find four extra sheets available to me.

It is these little things that make overly excited Administrative Professionals so happy.

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