Over 80 Songs That Children Love to #FlashbackFriday!

…that aren’t anything from Frozen!

Yesterday, when I posted my Throwback Thursday article about the three Disney albums of Children’s favorites (that are still being sold today!), I joked around about Frozen not existing, and that there were more than 80 children’s songs in existence.  Because you’d think only “Let it Go” existed these days.

I’m sure kids still sing that, right?  I know the song from Moana has become the song of choice, but I’m seriously not five years behind, am I?

Anyway, ignore all that.  Pay attention to this.

In 1986, there was another children’s favorites album, also boasting over 80 songs kids love to sing!  It was released by RCA in 1986 (though the commercial seen here aired in 1987).  It had this cute album cover with a carousel horse…

It was only available through television, and it boasted these cute, colorful cartoons behind the songs…


And when you click play, you can see for yourself how exciting this album set is!

But don’t forget, you can only get this through television!


Take that, Disney album!  Two dollars less!

I’m not sure how long this music compilation was in existence, though I found out the Disney one has never gone out of print.  The songs were sung by Rosemary Rice and Bob Hastings, as well as the Richard Wolfe Children’s Chorus.  Because you clearly know who these people are.

Ok, they were children’s singers, according to their discography.  Which I took time to look up.

You’re welcome?


Yeah, not sold in stores people!  Buy now from our blue screen!

On that note, that wraps up our week, and the battle of the children’s music compilation albums!  We laughed, we cried, we sang along, and we still haven’t really ever heard of these artists.  I guess if you weren’t Raffi or Sharon, Lois, and Brahm in the 1980s, then you weren’t a children’s song star!

Skinnamarink, folks!  Have a great Flashback Friday, and a fantastic weekend!

Dammit, my fiancee got that stuck in my head this morning, and if I didn’t love him, I’d hate him.

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