#ThrowbackThursday In Leather

…is like Rhapsody in Blue.  Except with Depeche Mode and clothes from the Gap.

You know what?  It’s nothing like Rhapsody in Blue.






So, if today’s Throwback Thursday seems different, that’s because…it is different.

Namely, later than it was supposed to be.

I had created a much bigger offering for this week, but unfortunately, I hit a roadblock – er, copyright block – and I had to remove the scheduled video.  However, what I had posted had some great (read: safer) offerings.  So, all was not lost, and I still got to use something from those commercials.

But still, it was a great offering.

I hope this makes up for it.


Hey, do you like music?  How about the Gap?  Do you like singing?  Do you like people singing while wearing Gap clothes?

How do you feel about Depeche Mode?

Remember those Gap commercials from the late 1990s, where everyone sang in some kind of Gap style (everyone in Khaki, Sweaters, Scarves, Jeans?)?

Well, I’ve got “Everyone in Leather!”


Lots of leather…

For lots of people!

Their soundtrack of choice?  Depeche Mode’s “I Just Can’t Enough.”  Because why blend in when you were clearly born to sing beautifully (but drab) while wearing leather from the Gap?

Don’t believe me?  Click play!

I really like these commercials – all of them.  I remember them fondly, and probably have quite a few of them from that time period.


And these singers weren’t just there because they looked good, they actually could sing!


Especially this guy!

And these girls!


We just can’t enough…of all of them!


It’s the Gap’s version of “Everybody in the pool.”

And there you have it, another commercial from the archives, salvaged from the commercial block that got blocked.  I will admit though, changing course have never been so…stylish!

Flashback Friday promises another of the “commercials you couldn’t see,” with another offering from this 1999 grouping.

I just can’t get enough…

Now it’s stuck in my head.  Gotta go buy some leather, I guess.

Have a great Throwback Thursday, and enjoy the music, the leather, and the awesomeness of the late 1990s. I know I will!

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