If Only Everything Was As Reliable As A #FlashbackFriday…

Then we could be excited for every day!

But alas, it is Friday, so we have something to be excited about.

When I was going through my giant commercial block in search of something to salvage from not being able to use the whole commercial blocks (due to copyright blocks on the videos), I not only saw that there was some skipping issues with the dub from VHS to computer, but that there was some stuff that is individually ripe for the picking.

Like the commercials for both yesterday…and today!

Has a commercial ever left you with this disturbed feeling, whether it be the topic of a PSA, the imagery, or even the spokesperson/pitchman/pitchwoman?  Well congratulations, that’s effective advertising.  Not everything is supposed to give you the warm and fuzzies.

Like today’s commercial.

Let’s move back 19 years to 1999.  Chevy was using the slogan “We’ll Be There” (as they would until 2004), which was supposed to speak of their reliability as a brand.  And in this ad, they really want you to know the competition has nothing on them.

Especially in horror movies.

We’re presented with a few very perilous situations…

…all of which involve a car not starting.

Click play and watch the struggle play out!

Good lord.

That is terrifying!

And this is from the person who gets teary-eyed (for some bizarre reason) over the “Heartbeat of America” commercials.  Chevy really goes for the gusto to make your heart race, including this terrifying climax at the end…


That, my friends, was the sound of the roadside assistance person getting brutally murdered.  All because you didn’t drive a Chevy and ran into trouble.


Because you know, death in your Not Chevy vehicle is the only alternative.


…because your Not Chevy vehicle won’t be.

Drive carefully!

So um, yeah, that’s it for today.  Chevy is still around today, “We’ll Be There” was retired in 2004 for “An American Revolution,” and we’ll never look at car commercials the same way again.


Anyway, have a great Flashback Friday, a great weekend, and um…stay safe out there.

I mean it, this commercial showed what happened to Not Chevy Drivers in horror films.  If only these were not movie clips, but a scare tactic by Chevy.  Can you imagine?

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