Let’s Make Things #FlashbackFriday :-)

But that would eventually take the charm out of the day, don’t you think?

I know this may sound redundant, but…we made it to Friday!

That light at the end of the tunnel shines bright with hopes and dreams!

So this week, I did away with the theme week (that happens once in a while, you know) and went with two completely unrelated commercials, from two totally different years. And that’s ok, we need a break from the usual once in a while, even when it goes against my OCD.

Yesterday, we found out about dryer sheets that prevent stains (can you imagine?!), and today, we will find out about TVs that bring the movie theater experience home.

Because when you wait in line for tickets…

…and buy the perfect concessions…


…you totally want to just “say screw it,” and go home…

To watch Not Star Wars.

I got to admit, it’s getting better…and when you click play, you’ll see why!

Definitely the early widescreen TV.  That CRT-style TV is totally on point with 2001.


I remember Philips made some excellent strides with making their TVs fall in line with the whole movie theater experience, including that one really cool wall-mount set that lit up the room in correspondence to whatever you were watching.  Of course, if I remember correctly, those people were watching something about dolphins.  I’d watch the scariest horror movie I could find.  Wouldn’t you love it if the room was totally lit in red?

I would!


Philips exists to this day, but has turned their focus to healthcare systems, though they still sell consumer electronics and lighting.  They’ve been in existence since 1891, so they must be making things better to the point where they’ve successfully stayed in business.

It’s getting better all the time!

And there you have it, another week, another product, and a happy note of products still in existence.  TVs may not look like this anymore, but I remember when they did.

And they were not fun to haul them off the shelf and out to your car when you bought them, that’s for sure.

Anyway, have a great Friday, an even better Flashback Friday, and a fantastic weekend!

Better all the time!

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