You Know When You’re Schlemping To Get Stains Out of Your Favorite #ThrowbackThursday?

…and two stay-at-home-comediennes are promoting the very product that could aide you in this mission?

Can you imagine?!

Surely you’ve had the experience of watching an older commercial and saying “hey, that person looks familiar!” or “OMG, that’s (insert contemporary well-known actor in an early role) selling Burger King/McDonald’s/department store/Pepsi/Coca-Cola/jeans/sneakers/other product or service!”

And then there’s the spokespersons who you think you know, but it turns out are famous, but not in the way you believed.

In the late 1980s, well into the 1990s, Marilyn Kentz and Caryl Kristensen were the two fast-talking, mommy joke-telling comediennes behind the comedy duo The Mommies.  The two were commercial spokespersons for Palmolive, the stars of their own sitcom from 1993 until 1995, and talk show hostesses.


But, before all this, they took their comedy prowess to promoting a dryer sheet that helps prevent stains when used regularly.  Of course, I had no idea they were the pitchwomen for this product until, well, recently. Like this week.


No, seriously.

I realized they looked familiar, and for some reason, looked up “The Mommies.”  I’m convinced I never watched their sitcom (until the other night), but I certainly remember them having a talk show, though I never watched it.

And then there was those Palmolive commercials.

But, before all of that, they promoted dryer sheets – specifically, Bounce with Staingard (yes, incorrectly spelled no matter what!).  And if you can excuse the obvious tracking issues (I dubbed this to DVD from a then 19-year-old videocassette on a then ten-year-old VCR in 2007), then you can see what all the fuss and unison talking is all about.

It also involves bacon grease, before bacon was considered The Lord’s Most Perfect Food.


I’ll further blow your mind.  Taco Tuesday didn’t exist then either.

1988: The New Dark Ages.

Anyway, stain lifting and stain guarding (or “garding,” I don’t understand it either!) was a thing, and it was shown in this commercial.

So, um…

Click play!

So um, yeah.  For a product called “Bounce,” they certainly like using the Pointer Sisters’ song “Jump For My Love.”  Jump, bounce, I guess it all makes sense.


I never said I understood it, I just sorta think it makes sense.

For anyone who has ever heard of or read a mommy blog (I’ve heard of them, I’ve read them, but I can’t relate because…Not a Mom), Caryl and Marilyn were the original version of a mommy blog.  Comediennes, TV stars, product spokesmoms, this is pretty much the standard of a good mommy blogger, or a blogger in general.

I particularly love how they bounce the material off of each other in such a quick-paced fashion.

See what I did there?

Oh, and additional commercials!  Not from my collection, but still, additional ads for the same product!

Uploaded via TheShesmovedon:

Uploaded via Mark Krugman:

Well, there you have it.  Moms with talent and sharp wit, selling dryer sheets that prevent stains with regular use.  Schlemping over stains is a thing is the past, when Bounce with Staingard (spelled intentionally wrong, either way) is in in the dryer!

And it doesn’t look like this type of Bounce dryer sheet is made anymore.

Seriously, I get all revved up about another product still existing, and, well…it no longer does.

It’s ok, folks.  The Mommies are a thing of the past too.

Oh well.

Come back tomorrow for this week without a theme, where we look at yet another product advertisement, that still exists in a certain form.

Have a great Throwback Thursday!


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