“Never Have I Ever…”

Have you ever done a “Never Have I Ever” game on Facebook before? You know, one point for each thing you haven’t done?

Let’s see how I fare…


1. Yes, after having a biopsy on a hive done on my left arm. (The stitches started falling out right before the follow up appointment, which was totally normal). 0 points

2. Nope, can’t say I have. 1 point

3. Yes (1 point), AND the shingles. (No bonus points)

4. Never have, never will. Just not interested. 1 point

5. Many times. 0 points

6. Like tatoos, never have and never will. 1 point

7. Nope, and no plans to do so. 1 point

8. Absolutely. Math and science were never my strong subjects. 0 points

9. I’ll do you one better…I have my Bachelor of Arts degree. 0 points

10. Until last year, I was able to say no to this. Turns out, sometimes between late 2014 and early 2015, when I sprained my ankle badly, I had an avulsion fracture. It was never spotted in my first leg MRI, but an X-Ray in 2017 on the same ankle revealed a healed fracture. So…0 points.

11. I’m pretty convinced any camping experiences I ever have in my life will not involve tents. So…1 point.

12. Not yet. Perhaps someday, though I’m not a hiking type. 1 point

13. Given my propensity for injuries…nope. 1 point

14. Nope. Slapped and hit (jokingly), yes. 1 point

15. Gotta get married first. 396 days and counting until that happens. Hopefully that doesn’t end in divorce! 1 point

16. Yes I have! Amost got stung by a jellyfish! 0 points

17. Yes, but not since the late 1990s. I don’t have a drivers license. (Long story…) 0 points

18. I hope that never happens! 1 point

19. I was a daycare aide the summer between 12th grade and freshman year of college, so yes, many times. 0 points

20. Canada obviously counts…right? 0 points

Grand Total: 10 points

How about you? How many of these have you never?

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