“What’s in Store for the Future of #FlashbackFriday?”

You know, besides goofy depictions of the future through strange costuming and bad hairstyles?


Well darn.

Well, we made it to Friday, and if yesterday’s post taught us anything, the future of video games were going to involve voice recognition.  And as long as you never went though puberty, Pikachu would understand your voice forever!

Today, we leave the comfort of 2000, and move back thirteen years, to 1987 and a different time in the world of Nintendo.

It was more than just bad hair and absurd futuristic clothing, it was 8-bit gaming. Because that was NEVER going to go out of style!



No siree!


Click play, and find out more!

1987 marked two years since the introduction of the Nintendo Entertainment System to North America (ok, for some reason New York City got it in 1985, the rest of the United States got it in 1986), but obviously, they had their sights set on what the future of the system was going to bring.  If people only knew there was going to be so much more, they’d be shocked!


This isn’t an accurate depiction, folks.

Anyway, all this…


…and this!



While I was preparing this video, my fiancee heard the commercial and came in.  This video, among many others I’ve showcased since last year, are from a tape of weekday afternoon cartoons he has had since the summer of 1987.  He told me he watched the tape frequently as a kid, and knew all of the commercials, especially this one.

So, hats off to him and his awesome tape.  I’m a lucky girl in more ways than one! 🙂

And there you have it, another trip down memory lane.  But we got to play video games.  Some good, some bad, all nostalgic.

Next week, more commercials from the archives.  But until then, have a great Flashback Friday, and a fantastic weekend!

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