#ThrowbackThursday: My Purple Passion

This is not Showtime After Dark, Skinemax, or HBO at 3 am.  This is something totally different!

We’re talking chips.  More specifically, potato chips.  Even more specifically, 1980s potato chips.

Not to be confused with stale potato chips.  Just because they’re thirty years old does not mean they are stale!

Years ago, in the late 1980s (and probably the early 1990s), there was a potato chip in a distinct neon purple bag, with a logo resembling a neon light.  I don’t recall the taste of the chips, but I’m sure they were delicious.  Now, if you ask the women in today’s commercial what they think of New York Deli, you’ll get this response…


And this response…SnapShot(7)

And this response…


Oh, and apparently they’re so good, this happens…


Because why not hide your bag of chips from the rest of the world?

Never before has a chip commercial felt like overwrought sexual need.  It’s like these women require sustinence from New York Deli Chips on a level unlike any other food.

“Ma’am, would you consider trying Herr’s Potato Chips?”

“NO!  I NEED my New York Deli!  It fulfills all my needs!  It’s my Purple Passion!”

“Ma’am, take it easy.  It’s only a potato chip.”

“Only a potato chip?!  Surely you jest!”

Don’t believe me? Watch the commercial, and see what I’m talking about!

New York Deli Potato Chips are manufactured by Wise Foods

So apparently, and I just found this out the other day, Wise Foods still makes New York Deli chips.  No lie, they still exist.  Just because they fell off the face of the earth for me, doesn’t mean they stopped existing.  I mean, I’ve seen Wise chips in the supermarket, but I haven’t seen these in years!  They’re still a thing, apparently Amazon sells them (as does Wise’s web page).

They even retain that awesome neon sign logo!

And, they’re still purple!

So, there you have it.  A relic of the 1980s that lives on, even if it is hard to find in stores!


Come back for tomorrow’s Flashback Friday snack food choice, which I guarantee no longer exists.  No need to prove me wrong, they really  don’t.

Enjoy your purple passion, and have a great Throwback Thursday!



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