Back on the Chain Gang

This prompt from the Daily Post comes from March 1, 2014, and is about work life.

We all have jobs, tasks, and chores that we dislike doing. Tell us all about the least favorite job/task/chore that you get stuck doing routinely. What is it about this duty that you can’t stand?

I work as an Administrative Professional, and one of my routine job tasks is filing.  In all my years as an Administrative Professional (twelve years and counting!), I’ve never liked filing.  I can’t say I can’t stand it, that seems extreme.  I think it has something to do with there being so much of it.  I get a huge stack every few months, and I have to sort it out.  It never comes to me alphabetized, so I have to alphabetize it by last name, and then I have to further sort it by month (most recent in on top of each person’s pile).  And because the filing for some individuals who utilize multiple programs, I have to sort the paperwork by program.  The actual filing part never takes long, but it is the organization and sorting part that always seems to get the better of me and my sanity.

Considering that my very first, very brief stint working in an office (thirteen years ago, and it lasted less than two months) had a more cumbersome filing system that I never could quite figure out.

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