#FlashbackFriday: Priceless

Also priceless?  Expansion and introducing commercials from a time frame that still produced good advertising!

Yesterday, I explained the expansion of the Throwback/Flashback timeline into the early 2000s, covering a time frame I’ve gleaned on sporadically for commercials of the week.  I’ve extended my timeline to 2003, as commercials of 15 years ago still have the feel and charm of the late 1990s.  I kicked off this revelation with a commercial block from 2003, and well, today we’re sticking with 2003 as the theme, and a totally different commercial block.

Today’s commercial block is from April 2003, during NBC’s airing of Night of Too Many Stars, which was a fantastic comedy special whose title says everything you need to know.  Its mission?  To raise money for Autism Awareness.  This was the pre-Autism Speaks days, and really, it isn’t about “awareness” and “cures” anymore, it is about appreciation of talents of those living with (not afflicted with or affected by) Autism, as well as acceptance of those who live and thrive everyday with Autism.

Anyway, enough of that.  Here’s what you really came for!

In this block:

Mastercard and its cure for the “blah blah blah” of life…


Now on DVD…and Still Available on Video!  It was 2003, after all!

You see David Arquette and Courteney Cox in a Coke commercial, I see irreconcilable differences…in a Coke commercial.



I’m gonna live FOREVER…or until this show is cancelled. The same year – oh wait, season – it premiered.


That time Kathy Bates took it all off for a film role, and all the bleach in the world couldn’t rid our eyes or brains of it.


“Hey, remember the time Donald Trump had his own TV series?”

Let’s not get into a discussion about it, just know there is a commercial for The Apprentice.


10-10 numbers…still a thing in the early 2000s, and with more Terry Bradshaw and less…more comedically-gifted spokespeople.


SnapShot(25)The role Cybill Shepherd was born to play!


Like yesterday, we’ve got movie promos, television promos, and commercials galore!  So go on, click play!

I hope you enjoyed the beginning of a beautiful relationship between the early 2000s and Throwback/Flashback. I’m going to begin pouring through my archives and see what I’ve overlooked, but yeah, these commercials still pack a 90s nostalgic charm, despite the year they’re really from.

Have a great Flashback Friday, and a fantastic weekend!


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