#FlashbackFriday Is Gonna Be A Golden Grahams Day!

We’re continuing on our theme of athletes and the food that makes them run – Cereal! – on Flashback Friday!

Yesterday, Ironman Triathlete Mark Allen proved the power of Pro Grain gave him the edge he needed.

Today, triathalons, tomorrow….gonna be a REAL Iron Man!

Today, we’re going to witness the cereal of choice for this young figure skater.


She’s no one particularly famous, but when you click play, you’ll see what she prefers on her path to perfect scores!

I’ve never had Golden Grahams before, but if it is anything like I imagine (based on the images in the commercial)….

It’s like eating graham crackers…for breakfast!

And who doesn’t love graham crackers?

Ok, I know some people don’t.

Of course, all of it is good enough for our young skater…


…who had a Golden Grahams day!

Golden Grahams Day.  Is that eligible for a national holiday?

As we close out this Flashback Friday in the archives, may our athletes competing in the Olympics have the best of luck, led to victory and medals based on skill, talent, and determination.

And may aspiring athletes have someone to look up to.

Have a great Friday, and a fantastic weekend!

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