Ironman #ThrowbackThursday Rely on the Power of Kellogg’s Pro Grain!

It’s Olympics week, and that means preparing for any athletic opportunity with the right supports in place.

And by “right supports,” I mean proper food for fuel!

Meet Mark Allen…ironman triathlete!


Mark has a rigorous training that obviously includes many hours logged swimming, biking, and running…and lots of Kellogg’s Pro Grain Cereal!


That’s right, Kellogg’s Pro Grain Cereal!

See Mark bike.  See Mark swim.  See Mark run.  Then, see Mark eat Pro Grain.  Eat, Mark, eat!

Click play to see all of this!

So, Pro Grain…


I looked up Pro Grain, but there isn’t a whole lot of information.  The commercial is from 1987, and several other commercials featured triathletes.  The cereal had more carbs and vitamins, so obviously this was geared at serious athletes.  And that’s about where the information ends.  I’m not finding anything on when Kellogg’s discontinued the cereal, but I definitely don’t remember this one.  Chalk it up to Pro Grain being one of those obscure relics of the 1980s, probably living and dying within the decade.

But hey, eBay sold an empty box for $6.01.

The internet is awesome, friends.

And there you have it – an athlete that believes in the power of Ironman food.

But probably not eaten by this Iron Man.


Come back tomorrow for Flashback Friday, when we meet another athlete, and see their cereal success story!

Have a great Thursday!


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