She’s A Wonderful Doll…She’s #FlashbackFriday!

This week, we once again sift our way back into the archives of “1001 Classic Commercials.” This time, we’re digging around in our toy collection!

Yesterday, we played with our brother’s racetrack sets. Today, we’re breaking out our dolls!

That’s only after we told him to let us play in the living room.

And boy, do we have lots of dolls here, many of which saw their heyday in the 1950s and 1960s).

We’ve got dolls that can wear your child’s clothes, sleep in their bed, and literally is the same size as your three-year-old…


We’ve got Shirley Temple!

And her tea set!


Dolls that cry…

Dolls with hair that grow

I had three dolls that did this in the 90s, and their hair was crimped!

Take that, “Beautiful Crissy” and your weirdly-named cousin Velvet!

We also have Suzy Cute!


And Louis Armstrong!


Wait, what?!


Ohhhh yeah!

Well, what are you waiting for?  Buy one of these dolls…er, click play!

There’s more ploys of “she’s waiting for you!” than there are screaming kids and uncomfortable closeups in this collection (though that one girl…yeesh!), but it truly was a different time.  It was a time where one could advertise a doll that can sleep in the same bed as you, and not feel as creepy as it would now.

And, as you probably noticed, most of these dolls were by a company called Ideal.  They were established in 1907, and began making dolls that same year to compliment its line of teddy bears (which the company’s original owners invented in 1903).  The company stayed in business until 1997 (it was bought by Tyco in 1989, which was then merged with Mattel in 1997), but is now part of Alex Toys.

And all the commercials (well, the 1950s ones at least), have this common thread…


Guess what I’ve been hearing in my head for the last two days?

Well, there you have it – two days of playing with our toys.  And what fun we’ve had!

For now, I’ll take you out with the Suzy Cute song…

Just kidding!  I’m done!

Have a great Flashack Friday, and a fantastic weekend!

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