#ThrowbackThursday Recreates The Indianapolis 500!

This week, we once again sift our way back into the archives of “1001 Classic Commercials.” This time, we’re digging around in our toy collection!

I love going back into the deepest of the archives to find the best relics of advertising’s past.  And when it come to something people have a personal stake in, like say, toys, then even better!

Today’s grouping of advertisements come from the 1001 Classic Commercials collection, and we’re dusting off our racetrack sets, setting our cars up, and sending them off on a race against our friend’s car!

Of course you’ll notice a theme with these commercials:

Extreme closeups!

And shouting!

So much shouting!


And these two kids…channeling their inner Mick Jagger and David Bowie?

Do you like freebies?


Do you like…1960s dads?


Of course you do!

Click play to see all of it unfold!

So I’ll ask the important question – were these racetrack sets as good as they commercials hyped them to be?  I ask because for all the boy toys I played with, darned if I remember ever playing with one of these!  For what I see, they look amazing, but I’m convinced that’s advertising magic and not “they really are awesome” magic.


It also helped to have “1960s catchy” names!

And claims of longevity never hurt either.


Until 1967.  #NeverForget

That’s a terrible way to end this, but seriously, all of these companies are no longer in…

Oh, come on, that’s just depressing.

But racetracks sets still exist!

That’s better!

Anyway, that does it for today.  But be sure to clean up your racetrack sets and stow it in the box, your sister Flashback Friday is getting her toys and coming into the living room tomorrow.

Wait till you see what she’s playing with!

Have a great Thursday!

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