Mama, Won’t You #FlashbackFriday Me?!

Relax, the kid just wants brownies!

But maybe yellow cake is more of the kid’s thing…

But this kid REALLY likes his brownies…

Decisions, decisions!  Yesterday was easy – everyone wanted Jello, but today…it’s Friday and we shouldn’t have to make huge decisions like this!

Click play, and choose a side!

Hard to believe there was a day when the Doughboy wasn’t plugging this foodstuff!

And stop begging mom to bake you brownies!  She’s got enough to worry about than feed your brownie addiction!


I can see why they eventually brought in the doughy spokesperson.


I mean, if the best imitation of the Maytag repairman doesn’t entice you to buy Pillsbury, then what will?

Hint: Not this kid!


And there you have it, irresistible foodstuff to wrap up your week!

Have a great weekend!


Hey, get back here and clean up your cake and brownie mess!

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