#FlashbackFriday Never Has To Worry About Their Carpeting!

Throwback Thursday, on the other hand, does!

Well, actually, they don’t anymore, because they have that fancy DuPont Stainmaster carpeting.  But we bought Allied Fibers’ brand of “Worry Free” carpeting.

How will we fare in the desperate bid to keep our carpet clean?

Simple really, we’ll have nightmares about it!

Hit play and see how we cope!

Whew, we done well, haven’t we?


Allied Fiber introduced ad campaign for their line of “Worry Free” carpeting in 1987, a product that was rolled out in 1986.  However, I can’t find any information on Allied Fibers.  So (fingers crossed) I’m hoping to end this week on a high note, knowing that Allied Fibers is still around, or that someone is making Worry Free carpeting.


Let my hope exist, please?

And there you have it, the final transition into the weekend.  The moral of the story?  We live in a world with stain-resistant carpeting, no nightmares or parties with messy people can change that.

What a great world!

Have a great Friday, and a Happy New Year!

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