#FlashbackFriday Went To Tower Records For That Kenny G Album!

Because beneath that tough fifteen-year-old “I’m so cool” exterior, I loved “Songbird.”

I admit it!

Yesterday, I revealed my pre-holiday Throwback treat to you: part of a large commercial block!

Today, I reveal the other part!

All commercials are taped from WNBC 4 New York on December 20, 1997, during an airing of Saturday Night Live: Christmas Past.

Included in this commercial block:

Ginger Ale and misspellings!


That Kenny G album you won’t admit you wanted in 1997…


Admit it, you liked “Songbird” too!



Those darn Met Life Stadium tennants, the Jets!

Admit it, you stuck around for the theme song!


Another Australian lesson!


Santa goes to Mo’s…do you?


Blatant lies about The Postman.


That unforgettable adventure this critic refers to is getting to the bathroom after the movie.

And big cell phones!


We’ll also see previews for Jackie BrownThe PostmanMr. Magoo, and promos for The NFL on NBC and Showtime at the Apollo.

And don’t forget the Pentiums, cause we’ve got ’em!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this trip back to December 1997 and to the tapes I seem to refuse to throw away.

I’ve got a few more Christmas tricks up my sleeve, and I’ve also got three more days.

In the meantime, have a great Friday!


  1. Fantastic blog post. In one of my recent blog posts, I said that I was a Kenny G fan. I do like “Songbird,” but “End of the Night,” which is from his Breathless album, is actually my favorite Kenny G song ever. I heard it being played on The Weather Channel many times whenever I was a kid.

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